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Heavy Duty Current Probe with $289.95 Multimeter
For 0-1000 amp testing. Combines the testing capability of a digital multimeter and inductive amp probe. Measure alternator output, starter draw, accessory draw, and troubleshoot circuits. Overmolded housing protects units from drops. Packaged in a nylon zippered case with test leads, and temperature leads. Banana jacks allow the use of various standard leads and adapters.
CTG56EB $17.95
Leak Detector / Smoke Machine
 Wire Cutter/Stripper
Pliers nose is great for
working small nuts and
pulling wire. Stripping
stations for 10-18 AWG
solid and 12-20 AWG
stranded wire. Screw sizing stations for 6-32 and 8-32 screws.
Master Relay Tester Set
Includes 8
jumpers to fit
most popular
relays. Jumpers
have tabs for
clamping and
flat pads to
place test leads
on. Jumper
wire may be
used between
common and open to close the relay circuit for testing and has a test port to easily check voltage. Relay puller pliers
 Low Amps Adapter $159.50
With this tool, garage owners expedite diagnostics, improve accuracy in repairs, heighten customer satisfaction, and increase profits, making this the most valuable tool in any repair shop. Includes: Cornwell® Diagnostic Leak Detector, OEM-approved smoke agent, halogen inspection light, EVAP service port tool, EVAP Schrader® valve removal tool, cap plug kit, exhaust cone adapter, plastic accessory case and training DVD
Fuel Injection Canister Cleaner
Dual head feature allows accurate testing of vehicle system pressures independent of the canister. Quick coupler on end of hose connects to all fuel injection adapters listed with the GSI4325.
Diesel Compression Test Kit
Designed for
use on diesel
Features a
flexible, long
reach hose
with a 2-1/2”
diameter gauge
with rubber protector that reads 0-1000 lbs. in both PSI and metric. Side release valve allows for additional readings without removing adapter. Swivel end quick coupler for easy attachment to adapters.
Transmission and Oil Pressure Tester
Checks oil
pressure in
both automatic
and engines.
High pressure
gauge reads
0-400 in PSI
and metric, and low pressure gauge is 0-100 in PSI and metric readings. Includes 9 feet of hose with both US and metric fittings. Comes with wire hang up assembly.
     Use with a graphing meter or lab
scope to view current waveforms
on fuel injectors, fuel pumps,
primary ignition coils and digital
multimeters. Resolution of 10
milliamps is low enough for most
parasitic drain testing. Jaw
opening of 1/2” clamps over
most negative battery cables. Low battery indication, auto power-off. DC amps: 0-20A, 0-80A (resolution .01A); AC amps: 0-20A, 0-80A (resolution .01A).
adapters work
with banana plugs
on the 2 x 15 ft.
retractable test
leads. Used for testing electrical circuits in cars, trailers, boats, etc. Use with any multimeter, or other device, equipped with standard banana jack connectors.
CBPDCT4 $21.95
or electrical box.
Broken Spark Plug Remover for Ford Triton 3 Valve Engines
Removes broken spark plugs from 2004 and newer Triton 3 valve per cylinder engines.
Fuel Injection Master Kit
Now includes a 6 ft. hose. Contains all items necessary for checking the fuel pressure on most domestic and foreign systems. Features a large 3-1/2“ gauge head with dual readings of 0-145 PSI and 0-1000 kPa, and a 2-1/2“ diameter compound gauge with dual readings of 0-15 PSI and 0-30 in. vacuum. All adapters, gauge heads, and hose assemblies feature a quick coupling system. Comes complete with rubber gauge protectors on both gauges, instruction manual and molded carrying case.
7 Piece Retractable Test Lead Set
$49.95 easily remove electrical relays without damage to the relay
   Coil Cord Circuit Tester
  Locate hot circuits
and troubleshoot
primary circuits on
all 6 and 12 volt
systems. 12 ft. coil
cord test lead made from durable, high visibility, heat and oil resistant material. Molded strain relief prevents broken wires.
CTGCT100 $44.95
GSI4325 $449.95
  Digital Circuit Tester
    Use on 6V,
12V, 24V
DC systems
(Warning: For
DC circuits
only). Backlit LCD display. Test for voltage on both power and ground in DC circuits. Stainless steel probe. Coiled cord with reach up to 12 ft. Range: 3.8V to 31.4V DC. Resolution: 0.1V DC. Accuracy: ±0.3V. LCD Display. Red LED = Power Connection. Green LED = Ground Connection. Operating Temperature: 0-120°F. Surge protected. Shank length: 3.5”.
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