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 MMW76VG $194.95 Variable Shaded Pro Welding Helmet
External variable shade selection from 5-8 and 9-13. Dial sensitivity and delay adjustments. Grind mode for protection while grinding. Big 3.74” x 2.44” viewing area. Fast 1/25,000 sec. switching time. UV/IR protection to shade 16. Auto on/off. 5-point adjustable ratchet style head gear. ANSI and CSA approval.
Fixed Shade #10 Welding Helmet
Fixed shade #10. 3.86” x 1.73” viewing area. Shade #3 light state. Two sensors. Solar powered with sealed battery. 1/4000 sec darkening speed. Auto on/off. 35 amp AC/
DC TIG rating. Storage temperature range -4 F to 158 F. ANSI and CSA approved.
MIG Welder & Gun 250amp
A versatile 230 volt, 250 DC amp MIG welder that comes with attached MIG and spool guns and a built- in single/dual cylinder rack. Also features a spot timer for precise, consistent spot welds. Welds with mild
and stainless steel solid wires (.023", .030", .035", .045" diameters), flux core wires (.030", .035", .045" diameters), and aluminum using the spool gun (.030" to .035"). Accepts a wide variety of wire spools. Welds materials from 24 gauge to 1/2". Duty cycle: 60% @ 177 amps and 30% @ 250 amps. Accepts dual 7-1/2" and 10" single cylinders. Comes with 10 ft. MIG gun with Tweco® style replacement parts, 10 ft. spool gun with Tweco® style replacement parts, two dual gauge regulators, two gas hoses, and extra contact tips and drive rolls. MIG wire NOT INCLUDED!
120V Plasma Cutter
Cuts mild steel
up to 1/8” and
all electrically conductive materials. Also cuts with a narrow kerf that results
in a smaller heat
affected zone for
reduced warping.
Pilot arc for easy starts and enables the user to cut fence or expanded metal. Built-in air pressure adjustment
and gauge, indicator lights for quick trouble shooting, and thermal overload protection. Input power: 120V, 20A 50/60 Hz single phase. 320V open circuit voltage. Output Voltage: 16A. Duty Cycle: 35% @ 16A. Required Compressed Air: 4.5 CFM @ 60 PSI. Weight: 18 lbs.
MMW7120 $314.95 Oxyacetylene Welding Outfit
Medium duty outfit for general
purposes. Can weld up to 1/4”
and cut up to 1/2”. Includes:
Torch handle with check valve,
cutting attachment, Oxygen
and Acetylene regulators,
cutting tip, welding nozzle, T-Grade 17.5 foot twin hoses, goggles, and striker
EagleEye Triple Dash Cam
Can record 3 viewpoints at the same time. 2 waterproof external cams have 45" cable and can be mounted anywhere. 3" TFT color LCD. GPS can be added as accessory to track the vehicle's speed and location. Includes: (2) 16 GB SD cards
TDCAMDUAL2 $149.99
LX Wi-Fi HD Mini Dash Cam
Installs on your
windshield in minutes
and records everything
you see and hear in
WDR 1080P 30fps
HD video. Incredible
day and & night video. 1.54" TFT LCD screen for instant playback and menu selection. Picture Resolution: 2048
x 1536. 360° all-around view. Built-in GPS. G-Sensor: record, save and lock video file when G-Sensor detects collision. Includes: LX Wi-Fi Dash Cam, USB charging/data line, 12V cigarette lighter DC mobile charger, 32 GB SD card, magnetic windshield mount (with 3M tape), remote snapshot button, app (FREE to download) and user guide
TDWIFIBC2 $129.99
      Wi-Fi License Plate Backup Camera
   Dual DVR Dash Cam
color video
on your
tablet when using the free app for your iPhone® or AndroidTM device. Ready to work out of the box, easy install (connects to the license plate). Metal license plate, color HD camera with 9 IR lights for improved night viewing. IP68 waterproof license plate bracket, non-permanent installation. Includes: Metal Top Dawg Wi-Fi License
Plate Backup Camera, Wi-Fi transmitter, Wi-Fi app link for download (FREE iOS/AndroidTM app), and owners manual
CXTOWEL $8.95 Cooling Towel
When used as directed,
this product along with
proper hydration can
help relieve heat stress.
Perfect for outdoor/indoor
sports, the gym, yard
work, or on the job. Reuse
over and over again! Towel temperature drops 15 to 20 degrees in 1 to 2 minutes. Just add water, moisten cooling towel and wring out slightly, fan towel to activate cooling process and use. To reactivate, simply repeat steps 1 and 2, when finished, rinse with water and place back in container. Towel size: 17” x 27”.
1080P HD camera with
130° viewing angle
main camera. Records 2
viewpoints at once. 2nd
camera has a 120° wide angle HD camera with 30 ft. cable. 2nd camera can be mounted anywhere and is waterproof. G-sensor: protects and saves video file if it detects accident or collision. Night assistance LEDs for night recording. 2.7 TFT LCD screen. Includes: Top Dawg 1080P Dual DVR Dash Camera, waterproof 2nd camera with bracket and 30 ft. cable, USB charging/data line, DC mobile charger, 16 GB micro SD card, HDMI cable, heavy-duty windshield mount and user guide
TDEE1080CAM $69.99
       EagleEye 1080P Dash Cam
Features a 1080P
HD 120° wide angle
camera. 2.7” TFT
LCD screen. Easy to
operate, installs in
minutes. Records
all you see and hear in HD video. Time and date stamped for verification. Infrared LED (white LED) for improved recording in low light conditions. G-Sensor: record, save and lock video file when G-Sensor detects collision. Anti- theft technology with motion detector. Includes: Dash Cam, HDMI out, USB charging/data line, DC mobile charger, 8 GB SD card, heavy duty windshield mount and user guide
TDEE1440CAM $169.99
    Tire Buster Gloves
   EagleEye Mini 1440P DVR Dash Cam
Tire Buster Gloves M
Tire Buster Gloves L
Tire Buster Gloves XL
Tire Buster Gloves 2XL
  Offers a wide 140° viewing
angle, IR LED lights,
and 2506 x 1440p high
resolution. G-sensor function
for detecting accident and
will lock video file. Seamless
loop-cycle recording function. Motion detection. Added high dynamic range function (HDR) outperforms WDR function and reduces overexposure. Automatically turns on and records when car starts. Includes: 32 GB SD card but can use up to 256 GB (32 GB is 8 hours, 256 GB is 64 hours)
Built for serious tire/material handling. High abrasion patch palm. Extended life synthetic leather. Reinforced finger tips increase durability. Padded Palm for increased protection. Slip on cuff.
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