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Multi-Function Wire Stripper
wire stripper
strips insulation
from 8 to 14
gauge wires
with size key
marked on the tool. Crimps 8 to 14 gauge insulated and non-insulated wires. Built-in wire cutter and pliers in the nose of the tool.
27 Piece LED Quick Change Terminal Kit
Lights the work area and removes wires from terminals without damage. The lighted handle illuminates electrical connectors. Includes 24 quick- connect terminal disconnect tools, a sheathing ripper and
  a terminal pin repair
tool. Compact handle uses three LR626 batteries, which are provided. A handy application cross-reference is printed in the lid of the blow-molded case.
Heavy Duty Bearing and Seal Driver Kit
Fits most Class 8 over the road trucks and trailers and some medium duty trucks. Includes six drivers and handle extension for driving bearing races and seals
on hubs with deep brake drums without removing the drums.
Quick Disc Brake Pad Tool
Compresses disc brake pistons in seconds. Can be used while four piston caliper is still attached to the vehicle hub.
Dual Piston Brake Pad Spreader
Makes dual piston pad replacement a simple job.
Remover Set $43.95
Quick Quad Piston Spreader
Can be used while four piston caliper is still attached to the vehicle hub. Works on single, double, quad and six piston applications.
Combination Rear Brake Tool Kit
     Designed to work on
single piston disc brakes
that require the piston to
be rotated back into the
caliper as well as pistons
that are not rotated.
Includes two double-
sided adapters along with
a pinless adapter. Shaft may be rotated both directions depending on the vehicle application.
Brake Lining Gauge Set
Allows brake pad wear to be accurately and consistently measured without guessing. Gauges are color coded
to match SAE or Metric recommendations for brake pad replacement.
Flexible Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base
Works like a third hand and allows light to be conveniently located. 7-3/4" overall length with powerful 2" diameter, 50 lb. magnet built-in. Flexible joints bend up to nearly 90 degrees in any direction.
Flexible Light Holder with Spring Clamp
        Flexible light
holder works like a
third hand. Strong
industrial spring
clamp allows a light
to be conveniently
located. A flexible 9" gooseneck design provides bends over 90° and rotates 360° to aim light where it is needed. Holds a variety of flashlights or trouble lights (from .625" To 2" diameter) with the two position, flexible  nger design.
5 Piece Hose
Contains long and short, standard and offset hooks. Can be used to remove hoses, moldings, clips, clamps, seals, o-rings, cotter pins, gaskets, etc. Handles are dual material for comfort and grip.
Pneumatic Fan Clutch Wrench Set
  Quickly removes
and installs the
fan clutch when
repairing the
water pump or fan
clutch. Wrenches
 t: Ford, GM,
Chrysler and Jeep.
Includes: 7/8", 1-7/8", 2", 32MM, 36MM, 40MM thin and 47MM ( ts Ford 6.0L and 6.4L: Powerstroke diesel pickup). Use with an air hammer.
Heater Hose Disconnect for Ford 2.0L
 Disconnects the heater hose  ttings
on 2012-2016 Ford Focus 2.0L
and 2013-2016 Ford Escape 2.0L
EcoBoost®. These type of  ttings
are close to the  rewall behind the
engine and are dif cult to turn with
very little to hang onto to rotate. They only get worse over time with each heat cycle and deposit buildup.
3/8” Impact Tool Set
Loosens rusted, frozen nuts, bolts, and screws. Unique design delivers over 200 ft.- lbs. of “Shock Torque”. Can be reversed to tighten. Can also be used with impact sockets.
Master Disconnect Set
Includes: 8 popular disconnect tools for A/C and fuel lines. A complete set of disconnect tools that can be stored in a handy blow-molded case.
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