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Inverter Mig Welder - 120V
An inverter powered AC and DC TIG, Pulse TIG and Stick welder. This machine comes complete with a TIG Torch, a foot pedal, regulator/flowmeter with inert gas hose, ground cable and clamp, and an electrode holder with cable. In the DC TIG mode, you are able to TIG weld metals such as steel and stainless steel. In the AC TIG mode, you are able to TIG weld non-ferrous metals. Also includes an advanced settings section that allows you to move into advanced TIG welding including Pulse TIG and TIG sequencer control. The advanced inverter technology provides for better arc control and lower power consumption, in a lighter more portable unit.
            MIG and flux core wire feed welder. Ideal for welding materials from 24 gauge to 3/16”. Attached 8.5 foot MIG gun, ground cable/clamp, dual gauge gas regulators and hose. MIG wire not included. Uses the latest inverter technology to provide high quality welds that are crisp, clean and consistent. 120V, 60Hz/20 amp input power, output range 30A to 140A, 20% duty cycle @90A. Lightweight, only 24 lbs.
220V AC/DC TIG Welder
Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Fixed shade #10. 3.86” x 1.73” viewing area. Shade #3 light state. Two sensors. Solar powered with sealed battery. 1/4000 sec darkening speed. Auto on/off. 35 amp AC/DC TIG rating. Storage temperature range -4 F to 158 F. ANSI and CSA approved.
Variable Shade Industrial Welding Helmet
Designed to protect the eyes and face from sparks, spatter and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions. Designed
250 A
W250MGS $2,499.95 mp MIG Welder w/Aluminum Spool Gun
 A versatile 230 volt, 250 DC amp MIG welder that comes with attached MIG and Spool guns and a built-in single/dual cylinder rack. Accepts dual 7-1/2" cylinders and a single cylinder up to 10". Also features a spot timer for precise, consistent spot welds. Welds with mild and stainless steel solid wires (.023", .030", .035", .045" diameters), flux core wires (.030", .035", .045" diameters), and aluminum using the spool gun (.030" to .035"). Accepts a wide variety of wire spools. Welds materials from 24 gauge to 1/2". Duty cycle: 60% @ 177 amps and 30% @ 250 amps. Accepts dual 7-1/2" and 10" single cylinders. Comes with 10 ft. MIG gun with Tweco® style replacement parts, 10 ft. spool gun with Tweco® style replacement parts, two dual gauge regulators, two gas hoses, and extra contact tips and drive rolls. MIG wire NOT INCLUDED!
   CWEMWCBC $199.95 MMWUWC4 $184.95 MIG Welding Cart $249.95 Heavy-Duty Welding Cart
       for MIG welding, gas welding
and cutting, also has grinding
mode. Viewing area 3.74” x 3.35”
with 4 arc sensors, and internal
variable shade control. Helmet
material: High Impact Resistance
Nylon. German made lens, 6-13 variable shade adjustment. Replaceable batteries.
14 gauge heavy-duty steel construction. Overall height: 26-3/4”. Tank area: 13” x 11-1/2”. Three 13” wide shelves: Top shelf: 21-1/4”, middle shelf area: 7” x 21”, bottom shelf area: 14” x 33”. Bottom shelf area is enclosed and features a lock for storage of welding accessories. MIG gun and ground lead holders on both sides. Cylinder holding chains included. Rear wheels are 8” x 2”. Front swivel wheels are 3” x 3/4”.
Can be used for MIG, Stick, TIG welders and Plasma cutters along with a cylinder of shielding gas for the application. 400 lb. capacity. Holds one 10" diameter or two 7-1/2" diameter cylinders. Fold down handle. Wrap around cable holders. 8" rear wheels and locking front casters. Removable top cylinder rack for use
with industrial wire feeder applications. 18 gauge steel construction and powder coat  nish. Shelf Dimensions: 15-1/4" x 22-1/2" top shelf and 15-1/2" x 21-7/8" bottom shelf. 18" clearance between bottom and top shelves.
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