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   GSI4325 $529.95 $449.95 HMCLT2CW $117.95 $99.95 OW4531 $179.95 $152.95
   Fuel Injection Master Kit
Contains all items necessary for checking the fuel pressure on most domestic and foreign systems. Features a large 3-1/2“ gauge head with dual readings of 0-145 PSI and 0-1000 kPa, and a 2-1/2“ diameter compound gauge with dual readings of 0-15 PSI and 0-30 in. vacuum. All adapters, gauge heads, and hose assemblies feature a quick coupling system. Comes complete with rubber gauge protectors on both gauges, 6 ft. hose, instruction manual and molded carrying case.
GSI4400 $239.95 $199.95 Fuel Injection Canister Cleaner
Dual head feature allows accurate testing of vehicle system pressures independent of the canister. Quick coupler on end of hose connects to all fuel injection adapters listed with the GSI4325.
GSI1055 $119.95 $99.95 Universal Compression Tester
Screw in style
compression tester with
adapters for 10MM,
12MM, 14MM, 14MM
long, 16MM, and 18MM
spark plug holes. Can be
used with or without extra
length hose adapter. Includes: 12/16MM Ford Triton Adapter
GSI2000 $199.95 $179.95 Diesel Compression Test Kit
Designed for use on diesel engines. Features a flexible, long reach hose with
a 2-1/2” diameter
gauge with
rubber protector that reads 0-1000 lbs. in both PSI and metric. Side release valve allows for additional readings without removing adapter. Swivel end quick coupler for easy attachment to adapters.
Dual Gauge Cylinder Leakage Tester
Pin-points problem shown by compression test or cylinder balance test. Uses shop air to determine leakage source and
the amount of leakage
measured in percentage of
loss. The pressure gauge
monitors inlet pressure to
ensure accurate testing.
Leak down gauge measures the percentage of compression leakage.
GSI3150 $149.95 $129.95 Transmission and Oil Pressure Tester
Checks oil pressure
in both automatic
transmissions and
engines. High
pressure gauge
reads 0-400 in PSI
and metric, and low
pressure gauge is 0-100 in PSI and metric readings. Includes 9 feet of hose with both US and metric fittings. Comes with wire hang up assembly.
Harmonic Balancer Puller/Installer Set
For easy
removal of
most harmonic
balancers and
drive pulleys
which are
press-fitted onto
the crankshaft.
Adapter sizes
include: M16 x
2.0, M14 x 1.5,
M12 x 1.5, 1/2”-20, 7/16”-20, 3/4”-16, 5/8”-18, and 9/16”-18.
LS18000 $280.50 $229.95 Universal Camshaft Bearing Kit
One complete
set that will
remove or
insert camshaft
bearings in
nearly all engines from compact cars to heavy trucks. Range of 1.125” to 2.69”. Includes: driving shaft, driving shaft extension, expander unit, (5) expanding collets, (5) sleeve sets, (2) driving collars, centering cone and blow-molded case
OW6613 $99.95 $84.95 Variable Pin Spanner Wrench Set
Universal design
fits many different
types of pulleys
having slots or
holes, including
camshaft and
crankshaft pulleys. Wrench is adjustable from 1-1/4” to 5”. Works with a 1/2” drive ratchet or breaker bar.
Large Valve Spring Compressor
  Designed to compress
valve springs on
overhead valve
engines. Includes two
valve spring adapters,
which fit valve spring
retainers up to 1”
(25MM) and 1-3/16” (30MM). Jaw opening of 1-3/8” to 5-5/8” (35MM to 142MM); throat clearance of 5-7/8” (150MM).
HR38500 $144.99 $129.95 Harmonic Balancer Kit
set works as
a traditional
harmonic balancer
installer and also
works on long
reach applications
such as under-drive pulleys and recessed crank threads on Dodge, Hemi, GM Gen III/IV and Ford 4.6 and 5.4 modular engines. This kit will also work on most European vehicles including BMW and VW as well as Toyota, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai. Features (12) standard adapters and (4) long reach adapters.
        Compact Thermal Imaging System
Has a 3" intuitive
touchscreen with auto
orientation for easy
viewing. Field of View: 41°
x 31°. 4800 pixel thermal
resolution with 640 x 480
pixel visual camera, stores up
to 500 sets of JPG images.
Built-in LED spotlight. Data transfer via USB cable. Includes: Infrared camera, battery (inside camera), lanyard, power supply/charger w/ US, EU, UK, CN and Australian plugs, USB memory stick w/documentation, USB cable and getting started guide
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