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Disconnect Pliers
$29.65 $24.95
FLRC2 $499.99 Compact Thermal Imaging System
Has a 3" intuitive
touchscreen with auto
orientation for easy
viewing. Field of View:
41° x 31°. 4800 pixel
thermal resolution with
640 x 480 pixel visual
camera, stores up to
500 sets of JPG images.
Built-in LED spotlight. Data transfer via USB cable. Includes: Infrared camera, battery (inside camera), lanyard, power supply/charger w/ US, EU, UK, CN and Australian plugs, USB memory stick w/documentation, USB cable and getting started guide
Slip Joint Oil Filter Pliers
Two-position slip-joint handle
for greater range. Overall range 2-1/4” to 4”. Jaws are bent at a 20° angle to fit more applications.
Features gear driven
legs to grip and turn the
tightest filters. Designed
for use with 3/4” driver or
3/4” hex wrench. Compact
design allows for use in
tight spaces. Removes
filters from 2-3/8” - 3-3/4”
range (60-95MM). Can also be used to tighten filters.
OWC6275 $82.95 5 Piece Tie Rod Adjusting Tool Set
Permits 360° rotation of the adjusting sleeve. Accommodates 1/2” drive ratchet or breaker bar.
LS41500 $65.95 $54.95 Pickle Fork Kit
For separating
ball joints, tie rods,
Pitman arms and
other uses. Kit
consists of three
forks and two
handles; one for
hammering, the other for use with an air hammer (.401” shank).
HR90200 $89.95 $79.95 Master Spring Compressor Kit
Removes and installs coil springs quickly and safely. Compress coil springs on all passenger cars and pick-up trucks.
   $40.10 $34.95
     Disconnects fuel
line and EVAP line
fittings with tabs that
must be depressed
to disengage. Low-
profile design with 85°
bend allows the tool
to fit between the top of the fuel tank and vehicle. Works great on Delphi two tab connectors and some import vehicles. Can also be used on some electrical connectors. Spring action makes tool easier to use.
OW4673 $95.95 $84.95 7 Piece Sensor Socket Set
Includes: 1-3/16”
(29MM) pressure
vacuum switch socket,
7/8” vacuum switch
socket, 1-1/16” (27MM)
oil pressure sending
unit socket, 7/8”
(22MM) vacuum switch
socket, 1” & 1-1/16” oil
pressure sending socket, 22MM (7/8”) long oxygen sensor socket, 7/8” (22MM) low profile oxygen sensor socket
$15.59 $12.95 3 Legged Oil Filter Wrench
Fluid Extractor
$36.68 $32.95
    Has a fluid capacity of up to 7 oz. (200cc) and is ideal for removing used fluids from master cylinders, transaxles, and power steering and coolant reservoirs prior to bleeding, fluid changes or repairs.
 HR38500 $144.99 $129.95 Harmonic Balancer Kit
ATF Refill System
$387.24 $349.95
     This comprehensive
set works as a
traditional harmonic
balancer installer and
also works on long
reach applications
such as under-drive
pulleys and recessed crank threads on Dodge, Hemi, GM Gen III/IV and Ford 4.6 and 5.4 modular engines. This kit will also work on most European vehicles including BMW and VW as well as Toyota, Honda, Kia, and Hyundai. Features (12) standard adapters and (4) long reach adapters.
HR734 $29.95 $23.95 Tru-Grip Serpentine Belt Install Tool
Clamping jaw allows user to position serpentine belt without the belt slipping out of the tool. Tru-grip and long reach allows belt routing in tight access areas that would normally be difficult if not impossible. Body made of lightweight alloy steel for durability and strength. Ergonomic handle provides comfort and ease in use, acting as an extension of the user’s hand.
Dispenses fluid
to top-off or
re-fill sealed
Includes 10
adapters to
connect to Ford,
Toyota, BMW,
Honda, Nissan,
VW, Audi, Mercedes, and Volvo transmissions. Large 1.2 gallon fluid capacity. Fluid is dispensed under pressure for smooth continual flow.
LS24970 $49.45 $39.95 Spill-FreeTM Funnel Kit
Five adapters fit most domestic and import cars, light trucks and Ford vehicles.
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