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Multi-Dolly Large
Multi-purpose dollies for
sheet metal and body
shop work. Hot forged
carbon steel. Precision
heat treat. Smoothing
round face. Smoothing
round curve. End curve
dolly. Flat face with bent
curve. Small curve wedge dolly. Awl type dolly for internal concave.
CTGULSC $13.95 $12.55 Universal Lift Support Clamp
Holds gas charged lift supports found on hoods, tailgates, hatchbacks and trunks. Securely holds weak lift supports in the extended position to allow access to the engine compartment or luggage area. Aluminum body prevents damage to the lift support.
SM17100 $35.50 $28.95 Hatch Jammer
Allows body shop technicians to hold lift gate or hatch in a partially open position for sanding, painting or buffing, including being able to work on the edges of the panel. Adjustable 11-1/2” slide bar gives up to 24” to adjust the angle and is secured by tightening the two adjustment knobs.
LS35240 $24.15 $19.95 Belt Molding Tool, Small
Unique flared head design and beveled edges allow the tool to be inserted under the molding at an angle. Makes removal of newer belt moldings easy. For clipless moldings, the tool is twisted or pulled back to release the molding from the door tab. For moldings with metal clips, hook the tool under each clip and pull up. Quickly removes belt molding without damage. Works on most domestic and import vehicles.
$24.50 $20.95
                  CSEEC2T $841.95 $660.20 4,000 lb. Folding Engine Crane
Designed for raising, lowering, and transporting (in the lowered position) automotive engines and other heavy shop loads. Dual pump pistons rapidly reach maximum height 25% faster than single pump designs.
Low profile 4.7” legs designed to fit under a wide range of vehicle frames. 4 boom positions adjust for optimal reach based on required capacity. Drop forged steel hook swivels 360° for ease of use during operations. Adjustable anchors, and tie down straps keep engine from swaying. Space saving design folds for convenient storage.
   CSEES1KG $557.95 $436.95 1,000 lb. Geared Engine Stand
Designed for handling and positioning of most automotive engines requiring repair or rebuild. 63:1 ratio gearbox easily rotates engine to desired position by turning the crank handle. Worm drive gear is self-locking in any position. Space saving foldable design for easy storage. Fully adjustable mounting head and adapter fingers. Four wheel base provides stability. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 safety standards.
   CTJLP2NG $495.50 $389.45 2 Ton Low Profile Jack
2-3/4” minimum height is ultra low and ideal for sports cars, flat tires, and restoration projects. 24-1/4” maximum height is versatile and lifts high enough
for pick-ups and SUVs. Rubber saddle pad and foam bumper pad protect vehicle from damage. Low profile design is consistent throughout the whole chassis, allowing full reach under low ground clearance vehicles.
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