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   CPL304 $241.50 $143.95 10 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set Blue
SAVE over
6 and 12 volt batteries.
Safe in any weather for outdoor use. Powder-coated steel housing, chrome tubular handles and 100% copper cable with flexible insulation. Fully assembled. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
TurboCharger 2 Battery Charger with Timer
45 amp continuous charge rating. 220A engine cranking assist. Automatic 90 minute timer with hold. Works on
  Includes: 5-1/2" Mini Long Reach Diagonal Pliers, 6" Mini Long Reach Duck Bill Pliers, 6" Mini Long Reach Long Nose Pliers, 7" Mini Long Reach 22° Bent Long Nose Pliers, 11" Long Nose Pliers with cutter, 11" 45° Bent Nose Pliers, 11" Duck Bill Pliers, 11" Small Gripper Pliers, 11" Medium Gripper Pliers, 11" Large Gripper Pliers
 $2,995.00 $2,495.00
4-in-1 Dual Voltage Welder
   For 120V and 230V welding. Has a unique user interface that utilizes an LCD screen and advanced software to preset and memorize previously set welding parameters. Capable of welding
with solid wire (with shielding gas) or with flux core. The machine also has smooth DC stick capabilities and the ability to perform lift arc start DC TIG welding on steel and stainless steel material with the included TIG Torch. Comes complete with a spool gun for aluminum welding and easier feeding of tough to feed MIG wire. MIG welds 5/16” steel in a single pass when operating on 230V power. Use the included 120V adapter cord to run this unit off 120V AC power with a single pass MIG welder capacity of 3/16”. Welds between 24 gauge and 5/16” steel in a single pass. Stick welds with electrode up to 5/32” with exceptionally smooth DC stick welding output. Welding wire and TIG rods not included.
NOCGB70 $239.95 Boost HD
Designed for standard vehicle applications such as cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, lawn & garden, and more. It is powerful enough to start diesel engines that require more power. For most gas engines and up to 6L Diesel. 12V/2000A Peak. Includes 12V charging plug. USB out for charging cell phones and tablets. Durable construction.
1/2” Premium Impact Wrench
 Breakaway Torque: 1,350 ft.-lbs., Max. Torque (Forward/Reverse): 900/930 ft.-lbs. or call 1-800-321-8356
667 SEVILLE RD. | WADSWORTH, OH 44281 | 1-800-321-8356 FEB-FLYER

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