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FLEXZILLA® Pro 3/8" Mini Air Ratchet Kit
Get in tight spots
and get the job done
with Flexzilla® Pro
Reactionless Mini
Air Ratchet. No more
busted knuckles. No
pinched fingers. The
reactionless clutch
prevents kickback when you bottom out. The compact and lightweight design is perfect for small workspaces. Plus, its super high-speed lets you remove or tighten bolts in a flash. Features include: 3/8 in. drive, reactionless clutch, built-in regulator, built-in swivel, 700 RPM, 45 ft.-lbs. of torque and a length of 7.5".
3/8" bluePOWER® Sealed Head Air Ratchet
Maximum Torque: 70 ft.-lbs.
3/8” bluePOWER® Air Ratchet
Maximum Torque: 130 ft.-lbs.
Air Hammer and Five Piece Chisel Set
Includes: Heavy Duty Air Hammer, quick change chisel retainer, five piece air chisel set and a blow- molded case. Blows per minute: 2,200. 3-3/4" stroke.
bluePOWER® Air Hammer with Vibration Reduction
Blows per Minute: 2,500. 3" stroke.
bluePOWER® Air Hammer and Five Piece Chisel Kit
Includes: Heavy Duty Air Hammer, quick change chisel retainer, five piece air chisel set and blow- molded case. Blows per minute: 2,500. 3" stroke.
Air Needle Scaler
Heavy duty design and
19 needle count make
this tool perfect for surface cleaning, paint removal,
rust removal, welding slag removal and general surface preparation. Perfect for working irregular contours
as needles will adjust to the material shape. Tool can efficiently clean a surface to its bare metal state allowing the technician to perform the required job. Blows per Minute: 4,500.
Air Belt Sander
1/2” x 18”. Constructed with increased pulley space for thicker belts. Includes a simple
belt tension lever and
protection guard to
protect both the operator as well as the tool. Non-slip handle grip for user comfort. Great for spot weld removal. Variable speed control. Includes three belts: 40, 60, and 80 grit.
3/32” Orbital Sander 6”
Free Speed: 12,000 RPM
bluePOWER® Straight Die Grinder Kit
Ideal for cleaning dies, rotors, backing plates, and brake pad mounts. Grind valve seats, dress welds, and enlarge holes. 0.75 HP
for increased
power. Bi-material
cushion grip for
added comfort. Smooth throttle action for better control. Built-in safety lever throttle prevents accidental starts. Tool free regulator knob for quick speed adjustment. Use with 1/4" grinding accessories. Includes: (CAT540) Die Grinder, (2) spanner wrenches, 5 burs and blow-molded case
Angle Pencil Die Grinder
Cushion grip handle for added comfort. 100° angle is ideal for access in tight areas. Free Speed: 70,000 RPM.
3" Heavy Duty Rear Exhaust Cut-Off Tool
Free Speed: 22,000 RPM
3" Reversible Cut-Off Tool
Free Speed: 18,000 RPM
$179.00 CAT125
  CATAPDG $164.95
CAT3320 $182.95
HU700 $192.95 5/16" Offset 6" Palm Sander
Free Speed: 12,000 RPM
3” Mini Sander Kit
Includes: 3” Mini Sander, 3” disk holder, 3” disk surface prep pads (3-fine, medium, course), 3” sanding discs, 60 grit (10), 3” sanding discs, 80 grit (10), 3” sanding discs, 120 grit (10), spanner wrench, blow-molded case
Mini Right Angle Die Grinder
Free Speed: 20,000 RPM
Deluxe Gearless Die Grinder
Free Speed: 20,000 RPM
     CAT820R $142.95
4" bluePOWER® Extended Cut-Off Tool
Free Speed: 14,000 RPM
   CAT330AN $152.95
 Air Nibbler
Strokes per minute: 2,600
15 Piece Air Saw Kit
Air Saw features a comfort grip. Safety lever throttle. Adjustable blade guard to control cutting depth. Able to cut up to 16 gauge capacity. Kit includes: Air Saw, 1/4" NPT 360° swivel, various air saw blades and files
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