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   CBPDCT3 $.95CTG3300 $1.95LS65700 $139.95
Heavy Duty Straight Cord Circuit Tester
Designed for testing electrical circuits and locating shorts, grounds, and open circuits. 5 foot heavy duty cord.
3-48V Digital Test Light
Broken Spark Plug Remover Kit
          Used to check polarity on a
circuit. Digital circuit tester
with LCD display. Provides
“no guess” accurate voltage
reading for 12, 24 and 48V
systems. Tester will light up red for power and green for ground on both sides of the handle during testing. 12 foot coiled cord with gator clip. Great for heavy duty and hybrid vehicles.
HR72 $119.95
Two precision ground wire
cutters. Four versatile
crimping dies. Five
common size bolt cutters.
Crimping: Trapezoid type die for 22-14 AWG insulated terminals and 12-10 insulated terminals; Indentor type die for 22-10 AWG non-insulated terminals. Bolt cutting: 10- 32, 10-24, 8-32, 6-32, 4-40. Wire stripping: Strips stranded wire 22 to 10 AWG and solid wire 18 to 8 AWG.
LS71750 $244.95 27 Piece LED Quick Change Terminal Kit
Lights the work area
and removes wires
from terminals without
damage. The lighted
handle illuminates electrical
connectors. Includes 24
quick-connect terminal
disconnect tools, a
sheathing ripper and a terminal pin repair tool. Compact handle uses three LR626 batteries, which are provided. A handy application cross-reference is printed in the lid of the blow-molded case.
Diagnostic Relay Buddy® 12/24
A stand alone quick go/
no-go tester for the most
common automotive
relays. Tests both 12
and 24 volt relays. Three
different trouble codes
to advise of the possible
causes for a failed relay.
Settable for 4 and 5 pin relay. Uses vehicle battery for power. Comes with zippered carrying case.
Boost Pro
For most gas engines and
up to 12L Diesel. 12V/4000A
Peak. Designed for standard
vehicle applications such
as cars, trucks, SUVs,
motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs,
lawn & garden and more. It is powerful enough to start diesel engines that require more power. Includes 12V USB charger. USB out for charging cell phones and tablets. Includes cigarette plug and socket for charging the
pack or providing power for 12 volt accessories. Durable construction.
Boost HD
Designed for standard vehicle
applications such as cars,
trucks, SUVs, motorcycles,
ATVs, UTVs, lawn & garden,
and more. It is powerful
enough to start diesel engines
that require more power. For most gas engines and up to 6L Diesel. 12V/2000A Peak. Includes 12V charging plug. USB out for charging cell phones and tablets. Durable construction.
A three step kit for
removing broken spark
plugs that have seized in
the engine head. Includes
a unique porcelain puller
tool that snaps onto the terminal of a broken spark plug to pull the porcelain out. Also includes a porcelain pusher for when the porcelain breaks off in the spark plug tip and a self-tapping puller to remove the seized metal tip. Designed for use on 2004 to 2008 Ford Triton three-valve engines.
3/8" Drive x 9/16" Extra Long Spark Plug Socket
6 Point
  Amp HoundTM 2
Length 6"
Fuel Injection Pressure Tester Starter Kit
     An amp meter for fused
circuits. Has ability to
attach adapter to fuse or
just touch the probes to
the top of the fuse. Real
time readings of current
and amps in fused circuit
without removing. Works
on new fuse types Mini-LP and Micro-Fuse, along with three of the most common automotive fuse types: mini, standard and maxi with all the most common ranges. Dimensions: 9.16” x 5.25” x 4”.
54 Piece Automotive Connector Test Lead Kit
Complete test kit covering 14 different size terminals, both flat and round, which enable connection to most automotive vehicle connectors, both foreign and domestic. Includes set of 48” stacking banana plug test leads.
Deluxe Automotive Meter
grade tool used
for diagnosing
computer and
engine problems
on any vehicle.
45 test ranges,
14 test functions.
Ideal for electrical troubleshooting at the fuse box. Measuring capability: 0-20 amps/48V DC or AC.
CTGPP800 $34.99 8000mAh Battery Pack
Avoid the inconvenience of a low phone battery. Great for out on the town, at the airport, camping, or at a game. Charge a device while on the go. Easily fits in a pocket, briefcase or toolbox.
ES192 $73.35
Enables testing on most
major model vehicle
platforms with standard or
small Schrader® valves.
3-1/2” gauge has dual scale
dial with ranges from 0-145
PSI and 0-7 bar. Hook on gauge enables Technician to hang gauge and hose assembly to free his hands. Quick coupler connection at end of gauge hose.
Fuel Tank Lock Ring Tool
Used to remove and install plastic fuel tank lock rings from 4” to 7-1/4” without damage. Works on the new smaller GM serrated rings and traditional rings.
Disconnect Pliers
Disconnects fuel line and
EVAP line fittings with tabs
that must be depressed
to disengage. Low-profile
design with 85° bend
allows the tool to fit
between the top of the fuel tank and vehicle. Works great on Delphi two tab connectors and some import vehicles. Can also be used on some electrical connectors. Spring action makes tool easier to use.
Master Plus Disconnect Kit
Includes fuel line quick connect and spring lock couplings, air conditioning line couplings, and transmission oil cooler connectors.
 ES146 $143.96
   ESC585M $125.96
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