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 RAC34288NI $3,895.00
 R134a Refrigerant/Recovery Machine
Includes a FREE vinyl cover. Recover-Recycle-Evacuate- Recharge vehicle A/C systems. Automatic air purge. Automatic
oil drain. Vacuum vehicle A/C system. Meets the new J2788 accuracy standards. Easy-to-read
4 x 20 display features multilingual capability. Refrigerant management system displays refrigerant use and monitors remaining filter life. RA34724 Replacement Filter
R134a Fully Automatic Recovery Machine
Infrared Thermometer with Target Laser
Offers laser targeting
accuracy, enhanced
back-lit LCD display and
an expanded temperature
range of -50°C to 500°C,
-58°F to 932°F. Includes:
(2) “AAA” batteries,
instruction manual, dial
thermometer and custom molded box
MCL53451110 $162.95 UV Leak Detect Kit
LeakFinderTM Kit
Includes: Rechargeable UV light, batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery holder, 110V charger, refillable 2
oz. dye injector, 2 oz.
concentrated universal
A/C fluorescent dye
(25 applications), 4 oz. dye remover, 25 service information labels, UV enhancing safety glasses
MCL53351 $100.95 50 Watt UV Kit
Professional UV
leak detector kit
for A/C, cooling, oil,
transmission, and fuel
systems. Kit includes:
12V/50 Watt UV leak
detector, 1 oz. coolant dye, 1 oz. oil/ATF/Fuel dye, mini dye injector (10 applications of Universal A/C dye, compatible with R134a and R12 systems), dye remover, R12 adapter, UV enhancing safety glasses, A/C connection hose with R134a coupler, (12) service labels
Pinpoints A/C,
Oil, Fuel, ATF, PS,
Hydraulics and
Coolant Leaks.
Includes: 6-LED
economy leak
detection flashlight,
syringe A/C dye
injector with hose for R134a and R12 adapter/purge fitting, 1 oz. bottle of co-solvent free universal A/C dye,1 oz. bottle of Dye-Lite® All-In-OneTM standard oil dye, 1 oz. bottle of Dye-Lite® coolant dye, 8 oz. bottle of GLO-AWAYTM dye cleaner, fluorescence-enhancing glasses and case
WGTP8640CW $69.95 Mini UV Flashlight and Glasses
Cordless fluorescent leak
detection flashlight with high
intensity LED technology.
Power comparable to a
75-watt lamp providing over
4 hours of peak performance.
Compatible with all leak detection dyes. Includes: (3) “AA” batteries and fluorescence-enhancing glasses
WGTP8655CW $103.95 A/C True UV Leak Detection
Rechargeable Flashlight
High output true UV LED for fluorescing A/C dyes without the need for yellow- glasses. Comes
with lanyard, smart
charger with AC
plug, battery and fluorescence-enhancing glasses.
UVC381550 $155.95 Oil Injection Kit - R132a & R1234yf
The most accurate
method to top off oil
and add dye to an A/C
system. Simple, accurate,
clean and free from
contamination. Includes:
SpotgunTM Jr. Single-Shot
Oil Injection Gun, hose coupler for R134a and R1234yf, (2) PAG 46 R1234yf A/C oil cartridges, (2) Universal PAG 46 A/C oil cartridges and (2) A/C ExtenDyeTM cartridges
  Includes a FREE vinyl cover.
Program to recover, vacuum, leak
test and charge without operating
panel valves. One machine to
safely service both conventional
and high voltage A/C systems.
Display is multilingual. Visual
and audible alarm notifies the
user when service is complete,
or if a problem has occurred. The
vacuum feature defaults to 15 mins, programmable up to 99 mins. The remaining time is displayed.
RA34724 Replacement Filter
FLRC2 $499.99 Compact Thermal Imaging System
Has a 3" intuitive touchscreen with
auto orientation for easy viewing.
Field of View: 41° x 31°. 4800 pixel
thermal resolution with 640 x 480
pixel visual camera, stores up to 500
sets of JPG images. Built-in LED
spotlight. Data transfer via USB
cable. Includes: Infrared camera, battery (inside camera), lanyard, power supply/charger w/ US, EU, UK, CN and Australian plugs, USB memory stick w/documentation, USB cable and getting started guide.
Rechargeable UV Flashlight
FLIR ONE® Pro for iOS
$379.99 $379.99 $379.99
154 - 170 μW/cm2
(compatible to a 50
watt UV flashlight). 2
Illumination Modes:
super bright and battery
conservation. Twist the
handle to zoom the UV
light in or out. AAA battery holder provides backup power to flashlight (3 AAA batteries included). Battery life: 3 to 5 hours. Includes 110V charger and safety glasses.
The most accurate
method to add dye
and sealant to an
A/C system. Simple,
accurate, clean and free
from contamination.
LeakGuardTM is formulated
to safely and permanently
stop small leaks in both rubber and metal components. Includes: SpotgunTM Jr. Single-Shot Injection Gun, hose coupler for R134a, (4) A/C ExtenDyeTM cartridges and (4) LeakGuardTM cartridges
Dye/Sealant Kit - R132a & R1234yf Systems
    Designed for your work, the FLIR ONE® Pro thermal camera is a must-have for any technician's tool box. Made with new advanced VividIRTM image processing, 160 x 120 resolution, and temperature readings up to 752°F (400°C) combine to deliver the most advanced IR thermal camera for your phone or tablet. Best of all, FLIR has designed a revolutionary new connector that works with many popular mobile devices in or out of a protective case.
Cordless and
rechargeable. Fifteen
times brighter than
regular LED lights.
Power comparable
to super-high
intensity 150W lamps. Inspection range of up to 20 feet or more. Compatible with all standard leak detection dyes. Fluorescence-enhancing glasses and charger included.
Super High Intensity UV LED Light
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