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“InspectorTM” 2-in-1 Electronic/UV Leak Detector
$261.95 MSM14000P
Cooling System Adapter Set
   Offers state of the art features and
micro-processing technology while
the design sensor delivers an accurate
and instantaneous response. An ultra
bright UV light is built into the end of the probe allowing for both electronic and UV leak detection of even the toughest leaks. Packaged in a blow molded case with UV glass, (2) "C" batteries and sensor tip.
Designed as an add-on for the MSM100K Cooling System Tester Kit. Carrying case comes with 14 composite cooling system adapters. When added to the MSM100K with it’s pump and three adapters, the combination will pressure test the cooling systems of all modern cars and light trucks through 2006.
2.5 Gallon ATF Refill System
Dispenses fluid to top-off
or refill sealed automatic
transmissions. Includes
ten adapters to connect
for Ford, Toyota, BMW,
Honda, Nissan, VW, Audi,
Mercedes, and Volvo
transmissions. Large
2.5 gallon fluid capacity.
Fluid is dispensed under
pressure for smooth continual flow. Integrated manual pump adds air above the fluid level to prevent aeration. Utilizes push-to-connect, quick-change style accessory connections. Five foot fluid dispensing hose with flow control and auto-shutoff valves. Includes fluid dispensing wand, hanging hook, multilingual instruction manual and custom-molded storage case.
IntellaSense II Leak Detector
 Heated tin oxide sensing
element. Sensing life is 2,000
hours. Detects all refrigerants
(HFC, CFC, HCFC, and blends). Response time less than one second. Battery: (2) “C” alkaline 6,000 mAh batteries (included). Operating range: 0°F to 120°F.
 An enhanced additive package that boosts performance and increases the longevity of the A/C system. Designed to use with SpotgunTM Injection System. Up to 64 applications. Includes: SAE-J2297 certified dye and service stickers. 8 oz./240ml.
Leak Tester Kit
Test for combustion leaks from
head gaskets, cylinder heads, and
engine blocks in both gasoline and
diesel engines. Features a dual-
chamber design for higher accuracy
to eliminate false readings. First
chamber will filter out any alkaline particles that could result in a false indication of a combustion leak; second chamber provides true indication of a combustion leak. Includes: dual chamber tester, 16 oz. tester fluid and operating instructions
AIRLIFTTM Radiator Air Purge and Refill
  Eliminates airlocks in vehicle
cooling systems and refills
the entire system including
the heater core in seconds.
“Fits-All” cone adapter easily
connects onto any vehicle,
including cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Rugged metal body design stands up to the rigors of a shop environment. Comes with body assembly with gauge and ball valve control, Venturi connector and hose, fill hose with filter, various size rubber adapters and rugged storage case.
AIRLIFTTM II Radiator Air Purge and Refill
 Refills entire cooling systems without
airlocks in seconds, including the
heater core! Eliminate time consuming
bleeding and purging. Check for
system leaks under vacuum - shop air operation draws a fast and powerful vacuum. Compact size, lightweight, easy to work around tight areas. Push-button valve eliminates the need to change hoses. Works on all systems (including light and heavy duty trucks) with “Fits-All” heavy-duty cone adapter.
Slip Joint Oil Filter Pliers
Two-position slip-joint handle for greater range. Overall range 2-1/4” to 4”. Jaws are bent at a 20° angle to fit more applications.
5 Piece Filter Socket Set
Contains very low profile, 6 point 24MM, 27MM, 29MM, 32MM, and 35/36MM sockets for use on oil and fuel filter canisters when replacing the element. Use with 3/8” drive.
Oil Pan Plug Rethreading Kit
Removes damaged thread and
taps a new oversize thread.
The unique tapping tool
ensures the new thread will be
perpendicular to the gasket
surface to prevent leakage.
Works on soft steel and
aluminum oil pans with 1/2”, 12MM and 14MM threads.
Fluid Extractor
Has a fluid capacity of
up to 7 oz. (200cc) and
is ideal for removing
used fluids from master cylinders, transaxles, and power steering and coolant reservoirs prior to bleeding, fluid changes or repairs. Featuring a 7.5 in. (190MM) flexible tube with non-drip cap. Lightweight, streamlined design enables access into tight spaces. Tool is easy to clean, and the hose and seal are simple to replace.
Fluid Transfer/Extractor Pump
Quickly removes
transmission oil from
automatic transmissions
that are over filled. Also
works great for adding oil
to differentials. Translucent
1.1 Quart /1.1 Liter capacity cylinder body is marked in both english and metric. Includes two valves; a shut
off valve for transferring fluids and a siphon valve with intake and discharge hoses, ideal for removing anti-freeze. Disassembles for easy cleaning, enabling use with multiple fluids. High quality Viton® seals stand up to caustic fluids.
Bushing Driver Set
Remove and install bushings ranging from 3/8” to 1-3/8” in diameter. Includes 3 driver handles and 16 bushing adapters. Comes in a blow-molded case.
Conical Pitman Arm Puller-Truck
Tool is designed to fit Pitman arms on domestic cars and light-duty trucks. The conical design fits securely on Pitman arm and features a 3/4-16 x 4-3/4" forcing screw to provide enough power to remove stubborn Pitman arms.
Inner Tie Rod Master Set
    Works on inner tie
rods with inaccessible
wrench flats. Includes
(9) crowfeet to work on
many applications. The
long socket slips over
the tie rod end and crowfoot engages on socket for easy removal and installation. The inner tie rod can be removed and installed without removing the rack. The kit comes in a molded case for storage.
Flange Type Puller Combination Set
Two specialty pullers in
one box. Flange type puller
- for removal of harmonic balancers, timing gears and other parts with two or three tapped holes. Also includes a steering wheel pulley and flywheel puller. Comes with four sets of cap screws.
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