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120V Welder, Plasma Cutter, Helmet Kit
Includes: 120V Mig Welder & Flux (MMWM141I), 120V Plasma Cutter (MMWP125I) and Variable Shield Pro Welder Helmet (MMW76VG)
  SAVE $500.00
11 Piece Multi-Purpose $165.00 Pliers Set
Includes: 6" Mini Long Nose Pliers (CPL1), 6" Mini Duck Bill Pliers (CPL2), 6" Mini Diagonal Cutter (CPL3), 6" Long Nose Pliers (CPL4), 6" Diagonal Cutter (CPL5), 7" Lineman Pliers (CPL6), 8" Slip Joint Pliers (CPL7), 10" Tongue & Groove Joint Point (CPL8), 11" Long Nose Pliers (CPL9), 11" Bent Nose Pliers, 45 degrees (CPL10) and 11" Bent Nose Pliers, 90 degrees (CPL11) and storage bag
SAVE $85.05
Dual Voltage MIG Welder & Flux
Capable of welding with solid wire (with shielding gas) or flux core wire. Capable of welding 5/16” steel in a single pass when operating on 230V power. Use the included 120V adapter cord to run this unit off 120V AC power with a single pass MIG welder capacity of 3/16”. Features infinite wire feed speed control and voltage control, cooling fan and thermal overload protection. Ideal for use when welding materials from 24 gauge to 5/16”.
SAVE $154.00
57 Piece Mini Ratchet Bit/Socket Set
Precision ratcheting bit driver ideal for access in tight areas. 72 tooth ratchet provides 5° handle swing. Driver holds
bits and sockets firmly in place. Full range of bit styles and sockets for a wide range of applications. All 1/4” bits are made of S2 steel for durability. Packaged in aluminum case with foam insert for easy storage and organization.
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