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1/2" Drive 14 Piece Deep Metric Power $391.34 $233.05 Impact Socket Set
6 Point
10MM, 11MM, 12MM, 13MM, 14MM, 15MM, 16MM, 17MM, 18MM, 19MM, 20MM, 21MM, 22MM, 24MM
29 Piece TURBOMAX® Drill Bit Set $187.40
 Covers 1/16” through 3/8” in 1/64th increments, plus 25/64” through 1/2” with reduced shanks in 1/64th increments. High performance metal drilling for portable drill users, works well on curved surfaces. High speed steel features a black body and gold flute. Self-centering TURBOMAX® tip for clean entry and fast starts; stays sharp longer.
1/2” Flex Head Long Handle Ratchet
Length: 27"
Test cooling systems and caps up to 30PSI. Head includes a pressure release handle that when turned clockwise, releases pressure build-up before removing the head from the cooling system. Gauge equipped with internal shock dampener. Pump includes the three most commonly required cooling system adapters plus an adapter application guide, all packaged in a durable molded plastic case.
Cooling System Tester Kit
   SAVE $73.55
1200 CFM Blower Fan - Rated Power 2.0 amp
120 volts, 60Hz. For indoor or outdoor use. Variable speed switch controls motor speed: 950-1650 RPM. Built-in overload protection. Two 11 amp built-in grounded receptacles. Housing material: Impact resistant ABS. 8.5 ft. cord length, SJTW 14AWG. 4-position adjustment feet.
CBSMTX34S w/Free CSD7S $272.90
  SAVE $112.95
Includes: 34 Piece Master Star Bit/Hex Bit Set (CBSMTX34S) and 7 Piece Star Screwdriver Set (CSD7S)
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