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  OW6539 $1,008.95 $869.95 OW6637 $1,320.95 $1,195.95
  Truck Ball Joint Master Kit
This 55+ piece kit covers press-in ball joints on
the following Truck/Van/SUV applications: Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Infiniti, Isuzu, Nissan, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth, Mitsubishi, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC and Hummer.
Strut Tamer II Extreme
Forged locking jaws
include larger pads
and offset to clamp
onto and compress
springs even
tighter than before.
Extra thick 5/8”
compression arms
for superior strength,
stability and safety.
Locking trunnions for optimal stability during spring compression. Lock rings to hold arms in position. Spring capacity of 2-1/2” - 10” diameter, 1-1/4” - 24” vertical stroke. Extreme duty design to handle the heavier springs found on mid- and some full-size truck strut assemblies.
Two specialty pullers in
one box. Flange type puller
- for removal of harmonic balancers, timing gears
and other parts with two
or three tapped holes. Also
includes a steering wheel
pulley and flywheel puller.
Comes with four sets of cap screws.
OWC4534 $199.95 Multipurpose
Bearing &
Pulley Puller
Premium R1234yf Recovery, Recycle, Recharge Machine with Identifier
Ball Joint Set
$404.95 $349.95
Service both standard
and high-voltage R1234yf
systems. Fully automatic
recover, vacuum, leak test
and charge. Long 12’ hoses
allow more versatility and
a large 3 CFM, 2-stage
pump provides a fast,
and powerful vacuum.
The leak test function
automatically monitors vacuum after recovery and alerts of potential leaks. Charge from either the high side, low side, or both. Automatically refills the internal tank, displays refrigerant use and monitors filter life. With an industry-leading 98.5% recovery efficiency and charge accuracy to +/- 0.5 oz, you can service A/C with confidence. Automatic air purge eliminates air from system. Integrated refrigerant identifier eliminates the possibility of refrigerant cross-contamination. Includes a free on-screen vehicle refrigerant and oil specification database, dust cover and 2-year warranty.
  Over 20 adapters
to cover the most
popular trucks,
vans, SUVs and car
applications. The
OTC designed and
produced C-frame tool can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints. Includes: 20+ adapters, C-Frame, and application diagrams in a blow-molded case
OW7249 $197.95 $169.95 Ball Joint Service Tool Set
$100.95 $86.95 Flange Type Puller Combination Set
     Works on most common press-fit ball joints. C-frame press can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints.
Front End Service Set
RAC34288NI $4,464.16 Semi-Automatic
R134a Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Long 12’ hoses allow more versatility and a 2-stage vacuum pump provides industry-leading efficiency. Large, color multilingual display. Includes free dust cover and 2-year warranty.
      $219.95 $169.95
Set includes drop- forged components, which can be used in a variety of combinations. Spread: 3” to 5”, Reach: 1” to 2-1/4”.
Hub GrapplerTM
  Allows for easy removal
of the most popular types
of Pitman arms, tie rods,
and ball joints. Press-type
ball joint separator allows
for ball joint removal
without the damage to
boots and other parts
that fork-type removers may cause.
OW4681 $64.95 $54.95 Power Steering Pump/Alternator Remover/Installer
Reversible 2-in-1 tool removes
and installs press-fit alternator
and power steering pump pulleys.
Also removes and installs other
press-fit pulleys with a hub diameter of 1-1/8” (28MM), 1-1/4” (32MM), 1-5/16” (34MM), or 1-3/8” (35MM).
$813.95 $699.95
      The complete
solution for
servicing wheel
hubs and
bearings on the
vehicle without
removing the
steering components or knuckle. This eliminates unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press, cutting service time dramatically. The Hub GrapplerTM Puller is specifically designed to apply maximum force with minimal effort from an impact gun to also minimize service time.
Fully-Automatic R134a Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Automatically recover,
vacuum, leak test and
charge. Built-in UV and oil injection. 2-stage, 3CFM
pump and long 12’ hoses. Background tank refill
and onboard hose flush. Includes on-screen vehicle specification database,
dust cover and 2-year warranty.
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