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    $229.95 $199.95 Advanced Fuel Injection Kit
For all systems except Bosch CIS and GM TBI Includes everything in a plastic box required to test the following: American Motors, Bosch AFC, MPC, Digijet/ Digifant - Except CIS, Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors - Except TBI, Japanese Fuel Injection Systems, plus others using Bendix-type fuel injection or a Schrader® - type valve, including the small Schrader® valve found on Ford products. Dual scale 2-1/2” (65MM) gauge has a 100 PSI/7 bar dial and hook to hang up.
Serpentine Belt Tool
Fits tensioner pulleys with 13MM -16MM, 18MM hex or 3/8” and 1/2” square drives. There are 13MM and 15MM 12 point wrenches built into the handle for hard to access tensioners. 13MM, 14MM and 15MM crowfoot wrenches also included.
LS59000 $94.55 $79.95 Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool
Belt Tool
tension on
belts with a
spring loaded
idler pulley. Ratcheting head with freewheel position allows maximum leverage. Comes with extension for hard-to-reach idler pulleys. Comes with a 19MM socket for Honda and Toyota applications.
$74.95 $64.95
  BSCJP069 $264.71 $229.95 2200 Amp 12V Jump Pack
Fully automatic, professional grade high output AGM battery for 12 volt systems. Digital display and 12 volt DC power outlet for powering devices and for recharging in-vehicle when in transit. Reverse connection warning. USB port for powering or recharging portable electronic devices. Peak amps: 2200. Cranking amps: 525. Cold cranking amps: 350. Comes with 4-gauge, 60” cables.
Dual Gauge Cylinder Leakage Tester
   Pin-points problem shown by
compression test or cylinder balance
test. Uses shop air to determine leakage
source and the amount of leakage
measured in percentage of loss. The
pressure gauge monitors inlet pressure
to ensure accurate testing. Leak down
gauge measures the percentage of compression leakage.
HMTU30A $169.95 $139.95 Compression Tester Set
Tests compression on all
domestic and foreign cars
and light trucks with gasoline
engines, including mini
engines. 2-1/2” gauge has a
dual scale dial with ranges
from 0-300 PSI and 0-21 bar.
Includes: small engine tester,
M14 hose adapter (short
thread), M14 hose adapter
(long thread), M18 hose adapter (short thread), M18 solid reach adapter, M10 & M12 solid adapters, quick coupler for valve repairs and repair parts
    $409.90 $299.94 92 Piece Professional Test Lead Kit, Get FREE Digital Multimeter
 Test sensors, circuits, harnesses, injectors, solenoids and more with the 92-Piece Professional Test Lead Kit. Free digital multimeter (CBPDM10).
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