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    HRC6530 $360.00 $299.95 Ball Joint Super Set
This set allows for the removal and installation of press-fit ball joints on many light-duty trucks, vans and SUVs. C-frame tool can be used
alone to remove and replace universal joints. Comes complete in a durable case.
HR904 $169.95 $149.95 FWD Wheel Bearing Adapter Kit
For use on front wheel
drive cars and light
trucks. The wheel
bearing adapters allow
the user to replace the
wheel bearings with the
steering knuckle and
strut assembly intact on
the vehicle. Eliminates
the need for a front end alignment once completed.
TDR Digital Tire Inflator
$99.95 $79.95
$102.95 $84.95 LS41400
$76.95 $64.95
The TDR Digital features include
a tough aluminum housing, dual
shock bumpers, coil spring hose protection, dual hold on chuck, and
a back lit digital display. Inflates
up to 174 PSI with an accurate
multi scale gauge, which has auto
on and auto off. Certificate of calibration. Tough precision die
cast body. Battery Life (2 AAA): 80 hours.
  Continuous Shot Air Grease Gun
Continuous grease feed with
one trigger pull. Heavy duty cast
aluminum body for durability and
long life. 3-way loading — bulk,
14 oz. cartridge, filler pump.
Locking plunger for force priming
the gun. Bleeder valve for
purging unwanted air. Working
pressure: 40 PSI - 100 PSI. 3,800 PSI output pressure. Pump ratio: 40:1. Weight (empty) 3.5 lbs. Includes 18” high pressure grease hose and 6” bent metal spout.
NE1162 $125.76 $109.95 Air Grease Gun
Fully automatic, continuous operation. Variable-speed trigger provides excellent grease flow
control while the advanced pump design eliminates traditional priming issues. Accessible check valve assembly. Pump ratio: 40:1 @ 150 PSI. Maximum grease pressure: 6,000 PSI. Air pressure range: 40-150 PSI.
LS41340 $47.25 $39.95 21MM Double Offset Caster Wrench
Stepped Pickle Fork Kit
Master Bearing Race and Seal Driver Set
Includes 11 drivers to
fit automobiles and trucks up to 1 ton. Also includes 2 handles, one for hammering and a pneumatic handle for use with an air hammer.
$151.75 $129.95
    Step design helps
keep tool from
bouncing back when
separating ball joints,
steering dampeners,
tie rods, Pitman
arms and other
applications. Six tools in one. Three forks and two handles. Forks are threaded to interchange with either handle. One handle for hammering; one for use with an air hammer (.401” shank).
   HRC4517 $153.19 $129.95 LS56650
$19.75 $15.95
   Puller/Bearing Separator Set
on larger applications up to 7 tons. Can be used as a bearing splitter/ puller on its own.
Adjustable Seal Puller
          The 14-1/2” 21MM wrench can be used from bottom side of vehicle to move hard-to-reach and often rusty OEM cams on 1999 and newer GM vehicles with coil spring front suspensions.
Head adjusts to
five positions.
Two hook
sizes easily remove most oil and grease seals. The adjustable head works great on front wheel drive transaxles. Also works on front crankshaft seals without removing the radiator.
HRC4543A $139.95 $119.95 6 Piece 4WD Locknut Socket Set
This high quality steel, six
piece 1/2” drive socket
set enables technicians
to use ratchets, breaker
bars and torque wrenches
in their applications. This
convenient set will cover the
most common light truck and SUV applications.
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