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     MMWM141I $934.00 $695.00 120V Mig & Flux Welder
MIG and flux core wire feed welder. Ideal for welding materials from 24 gauge to 3/16”. Attached 8.5 foot MIG gun, ground cable/clamp, dual gauge gas regulators and hose. MIG wire not
included. Uses the latest inverter technology to provide high quality welds that are crisp, clean and consistent.
120V, 60Hz/20 amp input power, output range 30A to 140A, 20% duty cycle @90A.
3-1/2 TON HEAVYWEIGHT FLOOR JACK $546.95 $427.45
3-1/2 Ton capacity. Super low height of only 3-1/2". Extra large front wheels. Improved seals and special hydraulic oil for longer life.
CTJHW35BL Blue CTJHW35NG Neon Green CTJHW35RG Orange
     Lightweight, only 24 lbs.
$1,429.00 $1,195.00 120V Plasma Cutter
Cuts mild steel
up to 1/8” and
all electrically
materials. Also
cuts with a narrow
kerf that results in a smaller heat affected zone for reduced warping. Pilot arc for easy starts and enables the user to cut fence or expanded metal. Built-in
air pressure adjustment and gauge, indicator lights for quick trouble shooting, and thermal overload protection. Input power: 120V, 20A 50/60 Hz single phase. 320V open circuit voltage. Output Voltage: 16A. Duty Cycle: 35% @ 16A. Required Compressed Air: 4.5 CFM @ 60 PSI. Weight: 18 lbs.
22 Ton Truck Jack
Designed for heavy duty truck and trailer shop use, rail and bus work, and portable for roadside service calls. Narrow chassis design fits easily between tandem wheels. Chassis base is contoured
$779.95 $703.90
$2,595.00 $1,995.00 230V Plasma Cutter 60 Amp
Cuts up to 9/16”
steel at a travel
speed of 10 inches
per minute when
operating on 230V
AC power. It cuts
all electrically
conductive materials. It cuts a narrow kerf that results in a smaller heat affected zone for reduced warping. Lightweight (30.85 lbs.), compact, inverter design for greater portability. Pilot arc for easy starts. Built-in air pressure adjustment and gauge, indicator lights for quick trouble shooting and thermal overload protection. Input power: 230V, 42A 50/60 Hz single phase. No-Load Voltage: 310V DC. Output Voltage:
20 to 60A DC. Duty Cycle: 30% @ 60A. Required Compressed Air: 4.5 CFM @ 70 PSI (do not exceed 100 PSI). Weight: 30.85 lbs.
so wheels make contact with
ground when jack is not under
load and raises them off ground
when under load to prevent
damage. Air ram retraction prevents damage to ram. 8” diameter composite wheels for easy maneuvering. Wiper seals protect the hydraulic system from contaminants.
750 lb. Manual Engine Stand
$204.50 $160.50
Welding Cart
$149.95 $129.95
Designed for handling
and positioning
automotive engines up
to 750 lbs. requiring
repair or rebuild. Fully
adjustable mounting
head and adapter
fingers. Long handle
rotates mounting head.
Sturdy 4 leg design for maximum stability supports engines up to 750 lbs. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 safety standard.
    Designed to hold
portable wire
welders, plasma
cutters and TIG
welders. Features
a fold down
handle for easy
towing. It also has
a set of cable wraps on each side for easy and safe storage of your welding cables. On-board cylinder rack secures gas cylinders up to 7 inches in diameter. Steel construction with powder coat finish. Capacity: 110 lbs. Overall Dimensions: 32.3” x 18.3” x 29.7”.
Steam Punk Welding Helmet
$194.95 CSEVS22T $367.95 $303.95 22 Ton Pin Style Vehicle Stands
   Features 9-13 variable shade
with grind function for use in a
variety of applications including:
Stick, MIG, Pulse MIG, TIG, Pulse
TIG, AC and DC to 2 amps and
grinding. 3.82” x 2.44” viewing area. Fast 1/25,000 sec. switching time. UV/IR Protection to shade 16. Auto On/Off. Solar power supply. Low amp Tig to 2 amps.
5 point adjustment articulating head gear. Large removable/washable sweatband.
Designed for use in pairs
supporting heavy duty
automotive vehicles after
lifting. Large v-shaped saddle
to support and position vehicle
frame. Multiple hole locations
in support tube make height
adjustments quick and simple. Height adjustment pin is attached to stand to prevent loss. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard. For use in pairs only.
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