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3/8” x 35 ft. FLEXZILLA® Pro Air Hose
$49.95 CAT250AS
$22.95 BOSBL29 $109.95
1/4” NPT Blue Anodized Swivel Fitting
Connects portable air tools to an air line. Swivels 360° at two pivot points.
Premium Air Tool Lube Kit
Includes: 4 oz. Air Tool Lubricant, 4 oz. Super Duty Synthetic Impact Wrench Grease, compact screw-on grease gun, 30° and 50° grease gun tips
Mini Grease Gun
Lubricate hammer mechanisms of impact wrenches with grease-type  ttings. Vacuum primed, lightweight. Tube holds up to 3 oz. of lubricant. Maintenance free construction. One hand operation with easy spring return trigger. 0.7MM, 1.0MM, and 1.5MM tips are included.
1/2” Pneumatic Bolt Breaker
3/8” Pneumatic Bolt Breaker
Use with an air hammer.
4 Piece Pneumatic Chisel Muffler/ Tailpipe Set
Includes a muffler- tailpipe remover, "inside" muffler cutter, "outside" muffler cutter, and tailpipe cutoff tool
29 Piece Drill Bit Set
Speed helix design for three-times- faster drilling than standard bits. Lasts 50% longer than high-speed steel. Easier drilling, reduced heat and extended drill bit life. For use in
   Field repairable -
reusable anodized
aircraft aluminum
 ttings. Extreme
 ttings. Extreme
flexibility, even in subzero temperatures! (-40° to 140°F). Lays flat, no memory. Superior bend radius. Spiral bend restrictors. Kink resistant under pressure. Max. working pressure at 70°F; 300 PSI. Excellent abrasion-resistant outer cover. Includes spiral bend restrictors for increased flexibility. Reduces wear and tear; prolonging the life of the hose.
$30.95 steel, copper, aluminum, brass, oak, maple, MDF, pine, PVC, polycarbonate,
   $34.95 acrylic, ABS, nylon and composite materials. Black oxide. Sizes 1/8”
  and above are 135° split point.
12 Piece Hex Shank Drill Bit Set
1/4” Hex shank $20.95 works in Lock-N- Load extensions as well as all drill
1/4" x 25 ft. FLEXZILLA® Recoil Air Hose
Extreme all-weather flexibility. Polyurethane outperforms nylon - more flexible, will not become brittle over time, better recoil memory. Working pressure: 120 PSI @ 70°F. Temperature range: -40°F to 165°F. 1/4" MNPT reusable ends. Safety factor: 3:1. Tool end: 16" tail with swivel  tting. Compressor end: 8" tail with rigid  tting. Pre-applied thread sealer.
    chucks. Fits all 3/8” and 1/2” corded and cordless drills.
3 Piece Unibit® Step Drill Set
Non-skid self-starting tip eliminates skidding and need for center punching and provides sure starts, even on curved surfaces. Single-fluted cutting edge helps assure true round holes and allows greater control with less vibration.
Designed to  t 1/4” coupler bodies. Adjustable air flow. Knurled nozzle and pocket clip.
Adjustable Blow Gun, Tru-Flate® Design
Adjustable Blow Gun, Industrial/Milton® Design
Adjustable Blow Gun, Aro® Design
       CHS13ST $109.95 13 Piece Journeyman’s Hole Saw Kit $144.95
Designed for a wide number of applications. Bi-material design features high speed steel cutting edge welded to steel body. Complete follow through saws. Knock out slots for easy core removal. Cut depth: 1-1/2”. Variable tooth design (4-6 teeth per inch).
1/4” Curved Brass Cleaning/Siphon Gun
   Great for
solvents, oils, stains or degreasers. Will siphon approximately 7 ounces per minute and can be used with up to 120 ft. of siphon hose. Full cone spray pattern provides quick uniform coverage. Remove the siphon hose and now you have what may be the worlds  nest blow gun. Features solid brass  ttings and a 4 ply reinforced flexible rubber body. Comes with 8 feet of nitrile rubber siphon hose. Will operate without adjustment on any air pressure from 35 to 175 PSI, do not operate at less than 35 PSI.
SGCB8S $214.95
 8 Piece Solid Carbide Bur Set
Bit heads are made from solid carbide design for use with 1/4” high speed power grinders. Bits have chipbreaker cut to provide break down in chips.
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