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3-1/2 Ton capacity.
Super low height of
only 3-1/2". Extra
large front wheels.
Improved seals and
special hydraulic oil
for longer life. 100
CSEFJ350BK Black $ CSEFJ350BL Blue CSEFJ350NG NeonGreen CSEFJ350RD Red CSEFJ350RG Orange
3650/4550 Watt Dual Fuel Generator, Hybrid Series
Features 4550 starting
watts and 3650 running
watts (4100/3300 LPG).
Power is supplied by a
Max Pro Series 208cc
FIRMAN® engine.
Whisper Series muffler
keeps the generator
running quiet. Less
re-fueling, this generator
has one of the largest tanks in the industry with a built-in tank gauge for convenience. Rubberized Thresher handle makes recoil starting a snap. Runs on gasoline or propane fuel. Comes standard with extended propane hose (5 ft.) for convenience when running off a larger propane tank.
duty out t
for general
purposes. Can
weld up to
1/4” and cut
up to 1/2”.
Torch handle
with check
valve, cutting attachment, Oxygen and Acetylene regulators, cutting tip, welding nozzle, T-Grade 17.5 foot twin hoses, goggles, and striker.
$632.35 MMW7120 Oxyacetylene Welding Out t
Dual Voltage MIG Welder & Flux
    ACC218V $1,758.79
3000/3300 Watt Inverter Generator, Whisper Series
of welding
with solid
wire (with
shielding gas)
or flux core
wire. Capable
of welding
5/16” steel
in a single
pass when
operating on
230V power.
Use the
included 120V
adapter cord
to run this unit off 120V AC power with a single pass MIG welder capacity of 3/16”. Features in nite wire feed speed control and voltage control, cooling fan and thermal overload protection. Ideal for use when welding materials from 24 gauge to 5/16”.
5 HP 2 Stage Compressor
Voltage: 208-230/1PH. Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI. ACFM: 15.3 at 100 PSI. Tank Size: 80V ASME. Dimensions: 36"L x 24"D x 73"H. Shipping Weight: 382 lbs.
Features 3300
starting watts and
3000 running watts.
Power is supplied
by a Max Pro Series
171cc FIRMAN®
engine. Whisper Series
muffler keeps the
generator running at
a quiet 58 decibels.
The 1.8-gallon fuel capacity provides 9 hours of runtime. Push button electric start &  rst pull, reliable recoil system. Automatic voltage regulator ensures clean, consistent power output from the power stream alternator. Ultimate in portability - weighs less than 96.8 lbs. with a built Tuff-Stuff handle and wheel kit.
SM23230 $29.95
 ACC3G3HKL $3,077.47
14 HP Compressor $3,527.47
14 HP Kohler 2 stage gasoline engine. 25.25 ACFM @ 100 PSI. 175 PSI maximum pressure. Electric and recoil start. Cast iron cylinder. Stainless steel valves. 30 gallon ASME tank. 3/4” outlet. Dimensions:
44-1/2”L x 19”D x 45”H. Shipping Weight: 369 lbs.
Plugweld Pliers
230V Inverter Plasma Cutter
Copper alloy backing
prevents burning through
thin panels as weld will
not stick. Plugweld pliers
allow user to turn up the
heat for better penetration without burn through, even if there is a pilot hole through the back panel.
Cuts up
to 9/16”
steel at
a travel
of 10
inches per
on 230V
AC power.
It cuts all electrically conductive materials. It cuts a narrow kerf that results in a smaller heat affected zone for reduced warping. Lightweight (30.85 lbs.), compact, inverter design for greater portability. Pilot arc for easy starts. Built-in air pressure adjustment and gauge, indicator lights for quick trouble shooting and thermal overload protection. Input power: 230V, 42A 50/60 Hz single phase. No-Load Voltage: 310V DC. Output Voltage: 20 to 60A DC. Duty Cycle: 30% @ 60A. Required Compressed Air: 4.5 CFM @ 70 PSI (do not exceed 100 PSI). Weight: 30.85 lbs.
$450 HEWVS300
Variable Shade Industrial Welding Helmet
  $69.95 HEWVS600 $119.95
9-13 variable shade with external
control for easy adjustment. Grind
mode for protection while grinding.
Viewing area: 3.86” x 1.73”. Fast
1/25,000 sec. switching time. UV/
IR protection to shade 16. Auto
on/off. Solar power supply. Low
amp TIG to 10 amps. 2 arc
sensors. ANSI and CSA approval.
5 point adjustable ratchet style
head gear. Large removable/washable sweatband.
 3 Ton Vehicle Stands 6 Ton Vehicle Stands
  Sturdy welded construction with one piece, multi-position ductile iron ratchet bar. Meets or exceeds ANSI 2009 standards.
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