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    CBPDM15 $319.95 $189.95 Precision TrueRMS Digital Multimeter
Unequalled precision with a 0.06% accuracy specification. TrueRMS
for accurate readings of irregular
AC signals. Bargraph indicates rapid changes in measurements. Packaged in a blow-molded case. Features include: Auto Range, Hold, Min/Max, Peak Detect, Hybrid Compatible and Waterproof.
CBPDM25 $359.95 $239.95 TrueRMS Automotive Multimeter
RPM, Dwell, and Pulse Width tests make this meter uniquely suited
for the automotive technician. Large LCD is backlit for ease of use. Bargraph indicates rapid changes in measurements. Packaged in a blow- molded case.
with Multimeter
For 0-1000 amp testing. Combines
the testing capability of a digital
multimeter and inductive amp probe.
Measure alternator output, starter
draw, accessory draw, and troubleshoot
circuits. Overmolded housing protects
units from drops. Packaged in a nylon
zippered case with test leads, and temperature leads. Banana jacks allow the use of various standard leads and adapters.
Digital Timing Light
LED tachometer
display reads 0-9999
RPM. LED advance
display indicates to
1/10. Unique flashlight features 2/4 cycle and RPM/advance lights. Blow-molded case included.
Amp HoundTM 2
$188.95 $159.95
    $22.95 $17.95 and pulling wire. 6 stripping stations for both solid and
stranded wire; 10-22 AWG. Crimps 10-22 gauge barrel type insulated and non-insulated terminals. Crimps 7-8MM automotive terminals. Screw cutting/sizing stations for 10-24, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 4-40, and 5-40 screws.
CTG60 $49.50 $41.95 Crimper, Stripping, Cutting Pliers
All purpose
pliers cut,
crimp, strip, and
grip. Serrated gripping nose for pulling, bending, and shaping wire. Stripping holes are precision ground to remove insulation on 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauge wire. Crimper and wire cutter positioned in front to reach in tight areas. Second cutter on inner handle.
CTGT24S $209.95 $169.95 24 Piece Master Terminal Tool Kit
Comes with a harness
splitter, which speeds
access to the wiring
harness. Eliminates
damage to wires or
terminal blocks. Covers
19 vehicles including:
BMW, Mercedes, VW,
Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, Saab, Ford, Renault, Chrysler, Fiat, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Opel.
HR76 $159.95 $129.95 Relay Circuit Tester
Works on 12 or 24 volt
systems. Used to test
relay circuits in late model
vehicles. Identify the
problem in a circuit in
seconds without the use
of a multimeter. Can jump
the relay for compression testing A/C recharge, etc. Includes six of the most popular relay adapters plus a universal to configure your own.
LS46950 $24.15 $19.95 Relay Pliers
For removing
electrical relays on
most domestic and
import vehicles. Also
works on many heavy-duty and industrial applications.
  Wire Stripper
 Pliers nose for working small nuts
$139.95 $109.95
      $289.95 $199.95 Heavy Duty Current Probe
Real time
readings of
current and amps
in fused circuit
without removing
fuse. Special
Fuse Adapters
lock on to fuse to
give user hands free control. Works on Mini-LP, Micro- Fuse, mini, standard and maxi fuse types.
Combines the power of the PowerProbe® IV with the PWPECT3000 to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose circuit conditions. Save
time by not tearing
up wire harnesses,
panels, carpets,
and more to locate open or shorted circuits with the PWPECT3000. Diagnose fuel injectors, sensor signals, computer outputs, resistance readings and power up components with the PowerProbe® IV. Features: DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, ohm meter, fuel injector tester, computer driver tester, open circuit detector, short circuit detector, directional short circuit indicator, distance from source wire indicator, ergonomic housing. Kit includes: PowerProbe® IV, Short/Open Finder (PWPECT3000), PowerProbe® Lead Set (PWPPLS01).
     $495.00 $449.95 PowerProbe® IV Master Kit
Low Amps Adapter
Use with a multimeter
or lab scope to view current waveforms on fuel injectors, fuel pumps, primary ignition coils
$159.50 $143.55
     etc. Resolution of 10
milliamps is low enough
for most parasitic drain
testing. DC amps: 0-20A, 0-80A (resolution .01A); AC amps: 0-20A, 0-80A (resolution .01A).
PowerProbe® IV
$299.00 $269.95 $30.50 $24.95
Parasitic Draw Tester
$30.75 $24.95
Adjustable Wire Cutter-Stripper
Features a reaming head
design to smooth out
rough edges of metal
pipe, a loop maker for
up to 10GA wire, wire
stripper for 10-14 AWG (solid wire) and 12-13 AWG (stranded wire), and laser hardened cutting edges.
       Use to easily
connect a
to the vehicle
system to diagnose hidden battery drain.
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