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    OW6770 $359.95 $325.95 Ford 6.0L Diesel Service Tool Kit
Eight popular
6.0L diesel
tools in one
kit. Diagnose
problems often associated with no starts and remove and replace common components like IPRs or EGRs, oil lines, glow plug harnesses and injector harnesses.
HMTU30A $169.95 $139.95 Compression Tester Set
Tests compression on
all domestic and foreign
cars and light trucks with
gasoline engines, including
mini engines. 2-1/2” gauge
has a dual scale dial with
ranges from 0-300 PSI and
0-21 bar. Includes: small
engine tester, M14 hose
adapter (short thread), M14
hose adapter (long thread), M18 hose adapter (short thread), M18 solid reach adapter, M10 & M12 solid adapters, quick coupler for valve repairs and repair parts
GSI3125 $44.95 $39.95 Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester
Color coded gauge face reads 0-30 inches vacuum and 0-15 lbs. pressure in both PSI and metric. Use to check fuel lines, fuel pump, and engine vacuum.
FLRC3 $699.99 Compact Thermal Imaging System with Wi-Fi
Full-featured, pocket-
sized thermal camera.
Slim design fits easily
in your pocket. 3”
touchscreen with
auto orientation.
MSX® real time image
enhancement, area
maximum or minimum temperature measurement, and Wi-Fi connectivity to upload images.
Eliminates airlocks
in vehicle cooling
systems and
refills the entire
system including
the heater core in
seconds. “Fits-All”
cone adapter
easily connects onto any vehicle, including cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Rugged metal body design stands up to the rigors of a shop environment. Comes with body assembly with gauge and ball valve control, Venturi connector and hose, fill hose with filter, various size rubber adapters and rugged storage case.
Serpentine Belt Tool
$82.95 $69.95
CamClamp® Set
$98.95 $79.16
Fits tensioner pulleys with 13MM - 16MM, 18MM hex or 3/8” and 1/2” square drives. For hard to access tensioners; there are 13MM and 15MM 12-point wrenches built into the handle. 13MM, 14MM and 15MM crowfoot wrenches also included.
HRC6613 $72.32 $59.95 Variable Pin Spanner Wrench Set
Fits on a wide variety of pulleys that feature holes or slots, including both crankshaft and camshaft pulleys. Adjustable from 1-1/4” up to 5”. Use with a 1/2” drive ratchet or breaker bar.
UV550500 $102.95 AIRLIFTTM II Radiator Air Purge and Refill
Refills entire cooling
systems without airlocks
in seconds, including the
heater core! Eliminate
time consuming bleeding
and purging. Check for
system leaks under vacuum - shop air operation draws a fast and powerful vacuum. Compact size, lightweight, easy to work around tight areas. Push-button valve eliminates the need to change hoses. Works on all systems (including light and heavy duty trucks) with “Fits-All” heavy-duty cone adapter.
     Use on single,
dual or quad
cam engines
to hold valve
timing during belt replacement. Ideal for Diesel injection pump belt replacement. Fits timing gear diameters from approximately 4” (101MM) to 6” (152MM). Fits gear spacings from approximately 1/16” (1.6MM) to 3” (76MM).
FLRTG167 $399.95 Spot Thermal Camera
Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting, and store images and data. Internal 3.7V battery with over 5 hour runtime. 2.0" TFT LCD. Includes: Thermal camera, wrist lanyard, 8GB Micro SD card, power supply, USB cable, instructions
Dispenses fluid
to top-off or refill
sealed automatic
Includes ten
adapters to
connect for Ford,
Toyota, BMW,
Honda, Nissan, VW,
Audi, Mercedes,
and Volvo
Large 2.5 gallon fluid capacity. Fluid is dispensed under pressure for smooth continual flow. 5' fluid dispensing hose with flow control and auto-shutoff valves.
           $413.59 $349.95 2.5 Gallon ATF Refill System
  $222.95 $199.95 AIRLIFTTM Radiator Air Purge and Refill
Leak Tester Kit
$69.95 $62.95
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NOVEMBER 2018 17
Test for combustion
leaks from head
gaskets, cylinder
heads, and engine
blocks in both gasoline
and diesel engines.
Features a dual-chamber design for higher accuracy to eliminate false readings. First chamber will filter out any alkaline particles that could result in a false indication of a combustion leak; second chamber provides true indication of a combustion leak. Includes: dual chamber tester, 16 oz. tester fluid and operating instructions

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