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CTG12HPSG $83.95 $70.95 12 Piece Hook & Pick Set Neon Green
CTG12HPS $83.95 $70.95 12 Piece Hook & Pick Set Blue
Includes: Hook Pick, Complex Pick, 90° Pick, Straight Pick, Combination Pick, 45° Pick w/Flat Tip, Double Angle Pick, Half Circle Pick, Precision Staight Pick, Precision 90° Pick, Precision Offset Pick, Precision Hook Pick
11 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set
11 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set
    Neon Green
$165.00 $79.95 $165.00 $79.95
   Includes: 6" Mini Long Nose Pliers, 6" Mini Duck Bill Pliers, 6" Mini Diagonal Cutter, 6" Long Nose Pliers, 6" Diagonal Cutter, 7" Lineman Pliers, 8" Slip Joint Pliers, 10" Tongue & Groove Joint Pliers, 11" Long Nose Pliers, 11" Bent Nose Pliers, 45 degrees and 11" Bent Nose Pliers, 90 degrees and storage bag
10 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set
10 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set
Neon Green
$209.95 $104.95 $209.95 $104.95
29 Piece TURBOMAX® Drill Bit Set
$187.40 $149.95
Includes: 5-1/2" Mini Long Reach Diagonal Pliers, 6" Mini Long Reach Duck Bill Pliers, 6" Mini Long Reach Long Nose Pliers, 7" Mini Long Reach 22° Bent Long Nose Pliers, 11" Long Nose Pliers with cutter, 11" 45° Bent Nose Pliers, 11" Duck Bill Pliers, 11" Small Gripper Pliers, 11" Medium Gripper Pliers, 11" Large Gripper Pliers
CBS44STA $55.95 $46.95 44 Piece Mini Ratchet and Bit Set
Precision ratcheting bit driver ideal for access in tight areas. Full range of bit styles for a wide range of applications.
CKT100A $134.95
100th Anniversary Knife
Limited edition with serial number. Ken Onion design. 3.3” modified drop point blade with 12C27 sandvik blade steel. IKBS ball bearing pivot system deploys the blade smooth and fast. 60661 aluminum handles with CNC carbon fiber handle inlays. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Commemorative leather gift box.
     Covers 1/16” through 3/8” in 1/64th increments, plus 25/64” through 1/2” with reduced shanks in 1/64th increments. High performance metal drilling for portable drill users, works well on
curved surfaces. High speed steel
features a black body and gold
flute. Self-centering TURBOMAX®
tip for clean entry and fast starts; stays sharp longer.
  NOTE: All items shown in this flyer are limited in quantities and subject to availability. Please also note that the printed color may differ from the actual color due to variations 2 CORNWELLTOOLS.COM in the printing process. Cornwell®, the Ironman Logo, The Choice of Professionals® and bluePOWER® are registered trademarks of the Cornwell® Quality Tools Company.

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