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    XPMWE285322B 18 Volt M18 FUELTM 1/4" Hex Driver with Free Battery
Includes: M18 FUELTM 1/4" Hex Impact Driver XC Kit (MWE285322) with 2000 in.-lbs. of torque, and M18TM REDLITHIUMTM 5.0Ah battery pack (MWF48111850)
MWE285222 18 Volt $534.95 M18 FUELTM 3/8" Impact Kit
Most powerful 3/8" impact wrench. Complete pneumatic replacement. Outperforms cordless competitor. Fastening Torque: 450 ft.-lbs. Nut Busting Torque: 600 ft.-lbs. 6.7" length for more access in tight spaces. 3-speed DRIVE CONTROLTM 0-575, 2,000, 2,300 RPM. Provides additional control for low torque applications. Premium anvil design. Up to 60% longer anvil life than cordless competitor. Includes: M18 FUELTM 3/8” Compact Impact Wrench w/ friction ring (Maximum Torque: 600 ft.-lbs.) (MWE285220), (2) M18TM REDLITHIUMTM XC5.0 extended capacity batteries (MWE48111850), M18TM & M12TM Multi-Voltage Charger (MWE48591812), belt clip and carrying case
Includes: M18 FUELTM 7” Variable Speed
Polisher (MWE273820), (2) M18TM
REDLITHIUMTM XC5.0 extended capacity
battery packs (MWE48111850), M18TM &
M12TMTM Rapid charger (MWE48591808), 7”
wool cutting pad, 7” yellow foam polishing
pad, 7” black foam finishing pad, backing pad, screen cover, side handle and bail handle with (2) bolts
Light Output: 4 hours on high - 1,350 lumens; 8 hours on low - 600 lumens
with included 4.0 XC battery. Detachable light with hang hook for use on motorcycles, mopeds, and other applications. Includes: M12TM LED Underhood Light (MWE212520), M12TM REDLITHIUMTM XC 4.0 extended capacity battery pack (MWE48112440) and M12TM Lithium-Ion battery charger (MWE48592401)
MWE273822P 18 Volt M18 FUELTM Variable Speed Polisher Kit
      M12 FUELTM 1/4" Impact Driver with Free Battery
Includes: M12TM Fuel 1/4" Hex Driver (MWE255320) and M12TM 2.0Ah Battery (MWF48112420) Maximum Torque: 1300 in.-lbs.
XPMWE245420B 12 Volt M12 FUELTM 3/8" Impact
with Free Battery
Includes: M12TM Fuel 3/8" Impact (MWE245420) and M12TM 2.0AH Battery (MWF48112420) Maximum Torque: 1400 in.-lbs.
M12 FUELTM Drill Driver
Includes: M12TM
Fuel Drill Driver (MWE250320) and M12TM 2.0AH Battery (MWF48112420) Maximum Torque: 350 in.-lbs.
12 Volt
      MWE212521XC 12 Volt M12TM LED Underhood Light Kit
2 Piece Alkaline Lighting Kit
        12 Volt
2105 Pen Light: 100 Lumens of TRUEVIEWTM high definition output. Over 3 hours of continuous runtime. Headlamp gives 31 hours of runtime and 300 lumen high definition output. Includes AAA alkaline batteries.
2 Piece Rechargeable Lighting Kit
    Delivers 700 lumens of TRUEVIEWTM high definition output,
and is capable of all-day runtime, over 2,000 recharges and 3X faster charging via USB. Waterproof and dustproof. Sliding head lets users adjust beam pattern from spot to flood with
up to 155 meter distance. Includes: high, low, and strobe output modes and up to 16 hours of runtime. Also includes the personal rechargeable flood light (MWE211221) powered by the REDLITHIUMTM USB. Delivers 445 lumens of TRUEVIEWTM high definition output, and is capable of all-day runtime. Stick, clip, and carry it anywhere.
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