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PowerProbe® 3 Kit
$149.95 LS82650
$89.95 SAEASLK100S
Test Lead Kit
100 Piece Advanced Diagnostic Test Lead Kit
Fast and easy
connection to test
equipment. Unique
application sheet
showing which
connectors are
compatible with
which vehicles.
Unique multi-wire
pre-assembled test
harnesses for quick
diagnosis. No need to make up harnesses from individual wires. Adapters to test all fuse styles: ATC, Mini, Maxi. 10K potentiometer for simulating a load on sensors. Stackable banana jacks for using multiple test instruments. Airbag simulators. Includes heavy duty carrying case with clear spaces for each component.
                            With the press of a switch the user will have an instant
hot lead or ground lead. Use the hot lead and ground lead simultaneously to activate components. Instantly check components for continuity as well as identify positive, negative and open circuits without repolarizing hook-up clips. Locate shorts without wasting fuses. The 20 foot lead allows testing from bumper to bumper without jumper leads. Audio tone indicates positive with a high pitched tone and negative by a low pitched tone. The audio feature can be disabled when testing relays! The PowerProbe® 3 has 2 cool white LEDs that flood the work area with bright light. Multitude of testers in one: Test Light, Audio Tone, Voltmeter, 20 ft. Jumper Lead Set, Bad Ground Indicator, Continuity Tester, Short Circuit Indicator, and Relay and Component Tester. Kit includes: PowerProbe® 3 cigarette lighter adapter, 3” probe tip, battery hook-up clips, 20 ft. extension lead, instruction manual, blow-molded case
54 Piece Automotive Connector Test Lead Kit
test lead kit
for electrical
or electronic
probes permit
wider range
of testing
These are compatible with most DMMs and scopes. Comes with roll up storage pouch to keep your leads organized. Kit includes: 43” long 4MM banana test leads, test probes, long back probes, safety test probes, crocodile clips, 4MM female to 4MM female adaptor, 4MM male to 4MM female adaptor, 4MM plug to small gator clip and 4MM female plug
18000 mAh Jump Starter $239.95
   Portable lithium-ion battery jump starter. 900A peak. Works on gas engines up to 8.2L and diesel engines up to 6.2L. Heavy-duty clamps with 100% copper inserts and safety protection. Two USB and one 12V/10A power jack output. Built-in high power flashlight with (3) different modes. Includes: jump starter, USB cable, cigarette lighter adapter, charging cable and durable storage case.
     SAVE OVER $90 MIDC8100
Digital 6V/12V Battery Charger and
12V Jump Pack w/ 360° LED Light
         Complete test kit covering 14 different size terminals,
both flat and round, which enable connection to most automotive vehicle connectors, both foreign and domestic. Includes set of 48” stacking banana plug test leads.
12/24V Relay Buddy® Pro Test Kit
Includes 5 adapters for expanded relay testing. Three diagnostic trouble codes help define the cause of the bad relay. Quick off-the-car relay tester. Checks relay coil and switch contacts - fails bad relays. Automatic test with Good/Bad indication.
NOTE: All items shown in this flyer are limited in quantities and subject in the printing process. Cornwell®, the Ironman Logo, The Choice of
             Includes: 2200 Amp 12V Jump Starter (BSCJP069) and 360° LED Cordless Light + Magnetic Torch (Black)
Safe for standard and AGM batteries. Fully automatic & microprocessor controlled. Variable 2 - 6 amp charge/ maintain. 40 amp boost. 225 engine start (12 volt). Digital display with push-button control to easily select rate of charge, boost and engine start. LED indicators.
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