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Front End Service Set
Includes: 5 tools used in the servicing of ball joints, pitman arms, and tie rods on most vehicles
Power Steering Pump Remover/ Installer Kit
Remove/install power steering pump pulleys in Chrysler, Ford, and GM vehicles with Saginaw, Thompson, and Ford C111 and C2 power steering pumps. Fits 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-5/16” and 1-3/8” pulley hub diameters.
Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set
$149.95 CPP5
$173.19 Cotter Pin Puller
Blade is made of durable steel with black finish. Length: 8”.
Adjustable Bearing Seal Driver
All-in-one design eliminates the
need for a driver and different size $64.95 adapters. Locking screw holds
the adjustable jaws in place for $74.95 one hand use. Durable sturdy
$18.95 OW6575
Hub GrapplerTM
              aluminum construction, equipped with a steel capped striker shaft handle. 3-stepped jaws quickly adjust to accommodate bearing races and seals from .708” – 3.543” (18MM – 90MM).
HRC4547A $99.95
The complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle. This eliminates unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press, cutting service
time dramatically. The Hub GrapplerTM Puller is specifically designed to apply maximum force with minimal effort from an impact gun to also minimize service time.
Pressure Bleed System
      7 Piece Front Wheel Drive Axle Nut Socket Set
Features extra-long chrome molybdenum 1/2” drive sockets for heavy-duty
4 Piece 1/2” Drive bluePOWER® Impact Flip Socket Set
Includes: 19MM x 21MM, 3/4"
x 13/16", 7/8"
x 15/16" flip sockets and a 3" impact extension
AUTTS508K $524.95
 $254.95 applications in removing or installing axle nuts on a
   wide variety of domestic and import vehicles. Can be used with torque wrenches, ratchets and breaker bars.
     For pulling jobs requiring an internal pull, such as pilot bearings. Set includes four collets which fit a wide range of applications.
TS608 Service Tool Kit
Complete TPMS and service functions in a 7” touch screen tablet with OBD-II wireless communication. Activate all known TPMS sensors and read sensor status; Program AUTEL® MX-Sensors; On-tool relearn procedure with wide coverage. Advanced Service Features: electronic parking brake relearn; Reset Steering Angle Sensor (SAS); Reset service mileage and service intervals; Forced regen and adjusting injectors; Support battery registration and reset; Support IMMO functions. All Systems Diagnostics: Data display and read/clear codes for all available electronic systems; Includes: AUTTS608 TPMS Tool, 8 sensors, one year warranty and one year of free software updates
A professional hydraulic brake and clutch bleeding system that includes a fluid dispenser and seven (7) master cylinder adapters.
Quick Quad Piston Spreader
Can be used while four piston caliper is still attached to the vehicle hub. Works on single, double, quad and six piston applications.
Brake Lining Gauge Set
Allows brake pad wear
to be accurately and
consistently measured
without guessing. Gauges are color coded to match SAE or Metric recommendations for brake pad replacement.
          MaxiTPMS® Standalone TPMS Tool Kit
      Activate all known TPMS sensors, check TPMS system health condition, program Autel® MX-sensors and conduct TPMS relearn. Quick Mode and Advance Mode TPMS activation. Read/clear TPMS DTCs and relearn by OBD function. On-tool TPMS relearn procedures.. Check Key FOBs and print TPMS sensor data via PC. Includes eight TPMS replacement MX-Sensors.
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